2022 "A SURF ODYSSEY" Surf Art Calendar

LIMITED EDITION or REGULAR UNSIGNED --The Havassy "A SURF ODYSSEY" Surf Art Calendar RETURNS for 2022!!  "The last edition was published in 2012 and I have been getting hate mail from friends and collectors around the world who relied on these every year for there holiday gifts and personal year long art inspiration." RH

These calendars are literally a book of 12 framable art prints.  When the month ends tear it out and frame it up. They make great pieces of decor for your home or offices small walls and look especially with a great with a nice frame.

The Limited Edition is a signed and numbered special printed copy and I will personally hand sign each and every month of the year making them not only framable but more valuable and collectible.  An unsigned print is only worth the paper and ink it's printed with.  But hand signed prints have an immediate value 5, 10, 20 times or more the value of the unsigned print and will increase in value generation after generation.

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