ORDER "MARIN'S WAVE" (Collector's Edition) Hardcover Book

"MARIN'S WAVE" (Collectors Edition).  74 page Hardcover Book.  Story and art by Robb (and Marin) Havassy.

The life and adventures of Marin, a young surfer girl living a Pura Vida
in Costa Rica with her family, horses and wolfdog Oso.

Written and illustrated by artist, author and father, Robb Havassy.
...inspired by life, family, adventure, ocean and art.

A modern day, surf-art fairy tale, inspired by the real life journey and adventures of Marin and her family after moving to Costa Rica when she was very young.  This first published work of fiction by Robb Havassy features a narrative told through the text and the artwork, featuring dozens of Havassy's paintings, many classic and many created as part of the story to meld with the words and bring it to life in multiple dimensions.  The story and art resonate with all ages, from 3 to 103.  It's a celebration of life, nature, adventure, art, surfing and family.  The story will make you laugh, cheer and maybe cry and will undoubtedly offer inspiration to generations of young people to fall in love with the ocean, art and adventure.  "Marin's Wave" is a fresh dose of "pura vida," inspired by the Havassy family "real life adventure," of relocating to Costa Rica in search for a life away from the hustle and bustle to raise their family.


Once there was a young girl named Marin
who loved the sea. As fate would have her
family moved away from the big city to Costa
Rica, a beautiful, nature-rich land, settling
on the shores of a beautiful and serene bay.
Inspired by watching her father and the
playful dolphin surf the beautiful waves near
their home, Marin begins to imagine what it
would be like for her to ride her own waves.
But she is young and still unsure if she can,
until one night when she has a dream that
changes her life forever.

“Marin’s Wave” follows the journey and
adventures of Marin in this wondrous land
as she learns about herself, the ocean and
her connection to the natural world around
her. Her path to riding her own wave and
becoming a real surfer like her father, is
gradual, but with his guidance she learns the
“art” of surfing and in the process, the
important life lessons and responsibilities
that go along with being a young person in
the world today. Together with her parents,
her best buddy, their wolfdog Oso and her
favorite horses, she lives everyday to the
fullest, exploring the magical land in which
she lives, learning its secrets and trying to
appreciate every day with her family as
one of life’s greatest gifts.